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  • Nechsar National Park

    Located about 505 km from the capital of the country, near the town of Arba Minch, the Park was established as a sanctuary for the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest, an endangered sub species throughout Ethiopia.

  • Timket (Epiphany) Celebration

    One of the country’s most celebrated festivals is Timkat, the epiphany which falls on January 19th and is the easiest for visitors to witness and enjoy.

  • Birdwatching in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia has numerous, diverse and colorful birds comparable and even much better than many African countries.

  • Simien Mountains National Park

    Covers 179 sq km of highland area at an average elevation of 3,300 meters. Ras Dashen, at 4,620 meters the highest peak in Ethiopia, stands adjacent to the park.

  • Erta ale Active Volcano

    The most regularly visited volcanic range in the Danakil is Ertale which consists of 7 active peaks extending over an area of 2350m2

  • Walia Ibex (Capra Walie)

    One of the most fascinating wild goats endemic to the Semein Mountains National park

  • Abyata Shala National Park

    Dry and open plains and semi desert bird found in Abyata Shala Park in the Northern section of the Ethiopian Rift Valley

  • Babile Elephant Sanctuary

    Indigenous sub species found in Babile elephant sanctuary, mago and Omo National parks

  • Gambela Region

    One of the large mammals found in Gambela Region

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  • Axum Stelea

    The mysterious stelea of Axum, a world heritage site

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  • Natural Attractions
  • People and Culture

Ethiopian Historic Attractions

Ethiopia has the richest historical heritages in sub Saharan Africa.
Axum which existed from the 1st -7th C AD was one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient world. Axum today is known for its mysterious obelisks, tombs, ruins of palaces, museums displaying archeological collections site of the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.
Lalibela is a medieval town & a site of the famous and unique rock hewn churches known as the 8th wonders of the world.
Gondar: is famous for its 17th C castles, designs and decorations of its churches. The most impressive and the original castle with in the Royal compound is Fasiledes Castle built around 1640 AD. It is the oldest and perhaps most impressive of the castles.
Bahir Dar: is known for its convenient location to explore Lake Tana monasteries and the Blue Nile River falls.
Harar is a Walled town in the east known for its cultural diversity best expressed in the old market and the grand mosque.

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Ethiopian Natural AttractionsEthiopia is a land of contrasts and surprises of remote and wild places. The landscape is dominated by the volcanically formed highlands criss crossed by rivers & surrounded by the low lying deserts.
Simien & Bale Mountains are the most extensive mountain ranges dominating the Ethiopian highlands. The Semein Mountains is one of the most Scenic and marvelous of all Ethiopian landscapes.
Semein & Bale mountain national parks are home to a variety of mammals, birds and plants. They are known for their biodiversity & are established to protect some of the country’s unique mammals.
Rift Valley: In Ethiopia the Rift runs from the Red sea to Lake Turkana bisecting the central highlands into two unequal parts. The southern part is dotted with chains of lakes inhabited by many species of wild, birds and plant life. Important national parks of the country such as Awash, Nechisar, Omo and Mago are found in the Rift valley.
Danakil (Dalol) Depression & Erta-ale volcano: the Rift forms the Danakil (Dalol) depression in the north dropping to an altitude of 116m below sea level one of the lowest points & hottest places on the earth’s surface.

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Ethiopian People and Culture Ethiopia supports a diverse mix of people and linguistic groups. More than 70 Languages are spoken and most of them belong to the Semitic or Cushitic branch of the parental Afro –Asiatic super family.
Semitic and Cushitic people: are numerically the dominant spoken language and people. To this group belongs the Amhara,Tigre, Oromo, gurage, Adere, zay, Afar, Wolyta, sidama and etc
The Omotic speakers: are localized group of Afro Asiatic origin living further south along the Omo River. People of the omo valley are considered among the most fascinating on the African continent. To this group belongs the Hammer: known for their bull jumping initiation ceremony, evangadi dancing and body decoration. The Karo: known for their intricate body painting. The Mursi: for their women lip Plates and men Donga (stick) fighting.
Ethiopia is the only African country which was not colonized & hence retained much of its cultural identity. It has its own script, food and drinks. It is a fascinating country to visit.
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