Economy & main Exports

Though Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest nations it is showing tremendous progress in world economy. In the late 1980s the per capita income was 120 US per annum. Due to rapid growth over the past ten years its current per capita income estimate has doubled to more than 240 US per annum.

The Ethiopian economy is dominated by agriculture providing the livelihood for 85% of the population. The Ethiopian highlands are fertile and crisscrossed by large rivers with enormous potential for irrigation projects. However the lowlands are prone to periodic rain failures and locust plagues and hence a constant threat of local famine

The main crop grown for local consumption is Teff. The growing of coffee occupies 25% of the population and accounts 35% of Ethiopia’s export. The other lucrative plant being exported mainly to Somalia and Djibouti is Chaat Kat.

Ethiopia is rich in mineral deposit and ores such as gold and iron have been mined since ancient times. Manufacture in Ethiopia is limited almost entirely to the processing f agricultural products.