Trekking and Camping

Ethiopia has huge potential for trekking. The simien & Bale mountain ranges for spectacular sceneries & nature enthusiasts, South West Omo for those interested in people, culture and game viewing are some of best recommended Trekking destination sights.

Eureka Tours also organize and tailor trekking in combination with driving itinerary to the off road & special interest destinations such as

  • Tigray Rock hewn churches and other churches of interest throughout the country
  • South Omo Ethnological tour.
  • Local communities developing sustainable Tourism in Ethiopia ( Tesfa Community around Lalibela and Adaba-Dodola around Bale)
  • Wild life sanctuaries(wild and plant life) and unfrequented destinations of interest such as Dalol and Erta-Ale volcanoes, Maqdela mountains

The Simiens and Bale mountain national parks are more famous as trekking destinations.

Simien Mountains

Trekking and Camping

Situated about 100kms north of Gondar the Semein Mountains is one of Africa’s largest ranges studded with at least a dozen peaks topping 4000m mark and hence Ethiopia is also called the “Roof of Africa”. This includes Ras Dashen (Dejen) the highest peak in Ethiopia and the fourth highest in Africa. The western side of the range excluding Ras Dashen was designated as the Simien mountain National park in 1969 and the entire range was listed as a UNESCO World heritage site in 1979.

The mountain range's impressive scenery, its series of dramatic cliffs and escarpments, the beautiful alpine meadows and rugged wilderness of the high peak areas make the Simien a remarkable area for trekking. The unique geological feature of simien is described by Rosita Forbes, who traveled there in 1925 as “The most marvelous of all Abyssinian landscape….” Habitats include Afro Alpine and three of Ethiopia’s endemic large mammals: Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboons and Ethiopian wolf are resident in the Simiens. It is also known for varieties of bird species including lammergeyer (bone breaker).

Trekking route

only part of the park can be reached by vehicle. A more satisfactory way to explore the park is on foot or by mule following extensive networks of tracks used by local communities for centuries to travel between the villages on the lower slopes or to reach the high pastures. These tracks are ideal walking routes and, combined with the ranges impressive scenery, make the Simiens an excellent area for trekking. The most popular trekking routes are along the western side of the massif these take in the most impressive sections of the famous escarpment. Treks begin and end in Debark the obvious place to organize a hike. The park camps of Sanka bar, Chenek and Geech make convenient spot at which to overnight.

Bale Mountains

Bale Mountains are of a relatively ancient volcanic origin having formed from solidified lava more than 10 millions years ago. The national park protects the higher reaches of the Bale range including mount Tullu Demtu which at 4377m is the second highest point in Ethiopia. Bale Mountains National Park is an area of high altitude plateau that is broken by numerous spectacular volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that descend in to deep rocky gorges on their way to the lowlands below.

As you ascend into the mountains you will experience changes in the vegetation with altitude, from Juniper to heather moorlands and alpine meadows, which at various times of year exhibit an abundance of colorful wildflowers. Bale Mountains National Park is the largest area of Afro-Alpine habitat in the whole of the continent. It gives you opportunities for unsurpassed mountain walking, horse trekking, scenic driving and easy opportunities of exploring of Ethiopia's endemic mammals, birds and plants Trekking and Camping

Part of the park can be explored by driving. A more satisfactory way to explore the park is again by foot or mule organized from Dinsho Park Head Quarter. The parks main attractions include wild alpine scenery, various species of Fauna and flora. The relative ease with which one can explore many endemic species of birds and big mammals such as Ethiopian wolves and mountain Nyala makes Bale one of our popular destinations for hikers and trekkers.
We encourage trekking & camping in local community based eco-Tourism sites such as Tesfa community in Lalibela and Adaba-Dodola region. These kind of local projects help in contributing to poverty reduction by generating alternative income and local employment for the local population. Moreover, it is adding value to the forest conservation efforts and maintaining local cultures of local communities and increasing awareness of the people about the importance of the forest resource.

We have all safari and trekking outfits ready for use during Safari and trekking expeditions. We provide accommodation and suitable camping facilities that include camping gears, sleeping bags, blankets, bed sheets, towels, kerosene lamps, stoves and basic kitchenware and cooking facilities, basic shower sites and other logistic supplies.

Eureka Tours has established and recommended itinerary options of trekking routes in the parks to be followed by its clients. However this again depends on the client’s choice of what to see in the park and the time budget. The above destinations are popular choice of many travelers but these are not the only options.
Our camping crew members including drivers, cooks, guides and scouts are not only experienced but also enjoy the joys and experiences of safari and trekking expeditions. We promise you a wonderful experience during your camping days. Worry not for the inconveniences and discomforts of camping in the wilderness. Our crew will care for you from the days of your arrival till your departure.

You are welcome to contact us for advice, information and trekking itineraries.

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