National Parks & Wild Life

Ethiopia is a home of many genetically diversified species. It is also one of the 12 countries which are known in their rich wildlife resources. Researches in this field suggest that among the different species 31 mammals, more than 20 birds, 14 reptiles, 30 amphibians, 7 arthropods, 4 fish, and 12 percent of the seven thousand plant species are endemic to Ethiopia. There are 8 reserves, 18 controlled hunting areas, 4 sanctuaries and 15 national parks in the country. Among these the following 11 national parks and 2 sanctuaries are being administered by the federal government.

Awash National Park Simien Mountains National Park

Bale Mountains National Park SOF OMAR The Danakil or Dalol depression

Nech Sar National Park Mago National Park Omo National Park

Yangudi Rassa National Park Abijata Shala Lakes National Park

Gambella National Park Alatish National Park

Geraille National Park Kafta Shiraro National Park

Babile Elephant Sanctuary Senqele Swayne’s Hartebeest Sanctuary