Southern People & Nature

The Great Rift Valley

It extends from the Middle East to Mozambique, passes right through Ethiopia, endowing the country with some spectacular features that range from hot, dry, and barren places to a string of beautiful lakes. Volcanic activity, which greatly contributed to the formation of the Rift Valley, continues up to present times.

The Ethiopian Rift valley is home to a string of Chains of lakes (Ziway, Langano, abyata-Shala, Awasa, Abaya and Chamo, Chew Bahir, Rudolf) known for their bird life. The National parks (Nechi sar, Omo National park, Mago National park) are also different from each other, offering different scenery, different birds and different wild life.

Arba Minch and Konso Jinka & Mago Mursi Awasa, Moyale & Yabello

Bale, Arsi & Negelle Jimma & South west Omo