Bale, Arsi & Negelle

Bale and Arsi

Bale, Arsi & Negelle Highlands lie in the moist green highlands southeast of the rift Valley. The more easterly parts of Bale are low lying, dry and hot giving way to the Somali desert. The northern gate way town to Arsi Bale region is Dodola. The main attraction of this region is Bale Mountain National park which can be approached either via Asela-Dodola or Shashemene – Dodola Road. Bale Mountain National Park Protects the country’s second highest mountain range and is the best place for exploring the country’s endemic and semi endemic mammals and birds. It is a haven for over 60 mammal species and 260 bird species. It stretches over 2400 sq km and ranges in altitude from 1500 to 4377. Bale mountain Ranges are peaked by mount Tullu Demtu the second highest point in Ethiopia. To the north east of the Harena forest lies the high altitude plateau: the Senate plateau broken by a series of volcanic plugs and small peaks. With in the Park Rivers cut deep gorges, alpine lakes feed streams and water accepts gravity’s fate at several water falls.

This park is known for its endemic wild life mainly for Ethiopian wolf, Menelik Bush Buck and Mountain Nyala. The highlight of the trip is the sighting of Ethiopian wolf. Mammalian species of the park includes grey dikers, Bohor reed bucks, Warthog, serval cats, Anubis baboons, bush pig, Colobus monkeys, spotted hyenas etc.

Eco-Tourism in Dodola- Adaba

Dodola and Adaba towns on the road to Bale became important with the recent opening of an elaborate network of mountain huts and hiking and trekking trails through the forested mountain to the south of these towns. Part of an integrated forest management project (IFMP) and backed with German funding and expertise this organized set up is considerable significance to the conservation of the fauna and flora of some of the country’s most extensive remaining montane forest and moorland habitat. It is one of our recommended trekking options for keen hikers and trekkers interested to explore the scenic trails, flora and fauna.

Negele: the trip from Eco-Tourism in Dodola- Adaba Goba south to Negele Borana via Dolo Mena is one of the most exciting off the beaten track routes in Ethiopia. The drive from Goba across the Sanetti plateau – the highest point in the park and the best place to see Ethiopian Wolves- and through the Harena forest to Dolo Mena is rewarding. You can spot many species of forest birds, wild animals passing through scenic route up to Dolo Mena. Negele town is something of a frontier town inhabited mainly by the Oromo people but also has strong Somali and Muslim influence. The towns Saturday camel market is worth a visit. The town is also the best base from which to explore the only known localities of the two lark species that are endemic to Ethiopia. The closer of the sites to Negele to explore lark is Liban Plain.