Travel essentials

Packing, cloths and other useful items

We advise to bring everything that you need which you may not get readily when you need it. Bring cloths the minimum as you can replace worn items in Ethiopia. Pack two-three pairs of light cotton trousers and/or skirts, (track suits bottoms for extra cover on cool nights) one-two pairs of shorts, three-four shirts or T-shirts, two sweaters, a light water proof, wind breaker warm jacket, and rainwear during the rainy season, one pair of good walking shoes and one pair of sandals, enough socks and underwear.

  • Ethiopians are modest dressers and thus you are advised to avoid wearing shorts in public and religious places. Women are advised not to wear sleeveless tops. You are also advised to remove huts and shoes when entering churches and monasteries.
  • Binoculars: a pair of light compact binoculars for natural history enthusiasts and bird watchers
  • A torch: for use during camping nights, in the remote churches and monasteries or at places where there is no electricity
  • Money belt
  • A small medical kits, Mosquito repellent for skin application, sunscreens/lip protection, Sun block, a hut, Anti bacterial disinfectant hand wash solution
  • Camera with enough films
  • We will provide you sleeping bags and other camping equipments for camping
  • Valid passport , visa , Airline Tickets & Medical/travel insurance
  • universal electric socket adaptor for charging your batteries in hotel rooms
  • Buying souvenirs: you can buy souvenirs and export a value not exceeding Birr 500, although some articles (such as animal skins and antiques) require an export permit.
  • Baggage limits on most domestic flights is 20kg. A nominal airport departure tax of birr 10 payable in local currency is charged on all domestic flights. Luggage and body searches are part of the Ethiopian air lines experience.